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“In the midst of our home building journey, my wife and I felt uncertain about a few of the architectural design elements in our home’s building plans. After consulting with our builder and not making any appreciable progress, we reached out to Jackie to see if she could help advise us.

Jackie starting by asking a lot of questions about the style we like, the ways that we plan to use the different spaces, and the building requirements for our development. After listening to our concerns and understanding our desires, she quickly drafted several modifications to our existing design on a very cool, nearly translucent paper. Her altered designs could quickly be viewed over our existing drawings and her slight modifications to the design were quite striking.

After talking through the construction cost impacts of each design with Jackie, we finally decided on the best design to meet our needs. Then Jackie formalized the drawing and offered to modify our existing construction drawings.

Our house is under construction now and we are very thankful for having Jackie involved in the process. The design tweaks that she recommended make a dramatic impact to the way the house looks, feels and is utilized.” – Residential design client, Asheville, NC